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Is There Mold in Your Commercial Building?

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

A technician works to remove mold from drywall Mold problems are tough to get rid of, so call SERVPRO of West Hartford to remove mold from your commercial building once and for all.

Forty-eight hours is all it takes.

Just that short amount of time, and moisture in your commercial building can create a stubborn mold problem that takes real effort to clean up. Unfortunately, you often don’t even know that water is accumulating and brewing a colony of mold spores that can take root in your property, infiltrating your structure and everything in it—including the air you breathe.

Here’s the problem: mold spores are everywhere. These microscopic particles float in the air, both inside and outside structures. They enter buildings in several ways: through windows and doors, through your HVAC system or by hitching a ride on clothing. Once inside your building, mold spores just need to be activated … by moisture.

Just Add Water

When mold spores come into contact with water (a lot or a little), they start to grow and if not caught quickly, can eventually form colonies and surge out of control.

The moisture may come from an obvious flood of water, but sometimes, the source is a small, barely noticeable leak, such as a damaged water fixture that’s dripping or a faulty roof that’s allowing water to seep in. And sometimes, the moisture is the result of condensation from a too-humid building—creating a perfect environment for mold.

In a way, not having an in-your-face leak puts you at a disadvantage as a business owner, since the mold can get a head start without you ever noticing. That’s why you need to know the signs to catch and stop a mold problem at your commercial facility.

What Are the Signs of Mold Growth?

For starters, don’t ignore a history of moisture problems in your building. Check trouble spots regularly for unseen moisture. Also check your ductwork and HVAC systems, which are common locations of mold buildup. Obviously, if you spot any wet areas, puddles or condensation, you need to act fast—the clock may have already started on that 48-hour mold incubation timeframe.

Perhaps the biggest clue to a mold problem is what your nose tells you. That musty, moldy odor is unmistakable. Even if you haven’t noticed it, pay attention if employees or customers mention an odor. Take it seriously, too, if anyone in your building develops headaches or trouble breathing, because that can be a sign of mold infestation.

What To Do If Mold is Present?

Because mold is tricky to remediate, you’re better off turning to an expert than trying to clean it all up yourself. It’s hard for a non-professional to know if all the mold is gone, and you could find yourself redoing the job. The experienced experts at SERVPRO of West Hartford will bring in the people, equipment and techniques to quickly and completely eradicate your mold problem.

Help Is Here

The team at SERVPRO of West Hartford has specialized training and experience in commercial water damage restoration services, fire and smoke damage restoration services, biohazard cleanup and natural disaster prevention and cleanup. Call SERVPRO of West Hartford (860.206.6141) any time.

For commercial water, fire, smoke, mold, storm or other disaster restoration needs, call SERVPRO of West Hartford today at 860.206.6141

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