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Busted Pipe Cleanup in West Hartford, CT

1/16/2021 (Permalink)

Busted Pipe Cleanup in West Hartford, CT Busted Pipe Cleanup in West Hartford, CT

At SERVPRO, we're always available for busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes. We understand that a broken water pipe isn't that difficult to fix, but the mess a pipe leak leaves behind is often costly. Water saturates furniture, dribbles down walls, and drips into your appliances. During cold winter temperatures, ice damage causes additional issues.

SERVPRO is committed to 24/7 response, so we're here when you need us. When you call, we arrive quickly. We bring the right equipment and the right professionals to do the job. 

SERVPRO Busted Pipe Damage Cleanup 

In wintertime, busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes often experience more than just a water damage problem. When the temperatures dip below zero, it also becomes an ice damage issue. Our goal is to remove the water and dry your home, so ice becomes less of a concern. SERVPRO responds fast to protect your property and stop the damage. We assess the situation and determine your cleanup and restoration needs. We use specially designed extraction, deodorizing, cleaning, dehumidifying, and drying equipment to perform each task right. 

Inspection and Water Damage Assessment

Our SERVPRO professionals understand that locating the water-soaked areas in your home is often as challenging as cleaning them. When we begin our busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes, we start with a walk-through. We search for signs of both visible and hidden damage during our inspection. 

Whether the water flows from an appliance leak or a busted copper pipe, it has the potential to cause severe damage. Water flows through your home, and it seeps into gaps and crevices throughout the affected area. Once we locate all of your water-soaked regions, we take steps to return your home to its pre-water leak condition. 

Water Extraction

Before we perform water extraction, we sort and separate damaged and undamaged property. This process is an important step when performing busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes. When wet and dry property remains in the same space, wet fabrics, upholstery, and other saturated porous surfaces can damage salvageable items. After separating your property, we use specialized extraction equipment to remove the water before it causes additional damage. 


Our team uses drying equipment to remove any remaining water. When porous surfaces remain moist, they provide an ideal environment for mold and mildew. Even if you can't see it, you can smell the odor as mold and mildew monopolize the porous surfaces in your home. 


We dehumidify each area to remove moisture from the air. Dehumidification is a simple but essential part of busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes. Fabrics, flooring, carpets, and other porous surfaces absorb moisture when it remains in the air. The SERVPRO team removes the water to prevent additional problems. 

We calculate the area, relative humidity, and temperature in each room. The data allows us to calculate the number of industrial dehumidifiers we need for the job. It also helps us place the dehumidifiers for better performance. 

Odor Removal 

Deodorization is another essential service we perform during busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes. Water-saturated rooms often hold a lingering, mildewy scent, even after removing the water. When you live with the smell, you eventually get used to it, but visitors never do. The scent remains in the air you breathe. It settles into your clothing, furniture, and other porous surfaces. Our team uses industrial scrubbers, foggers, and odor-neutralizing products to remove these unpleasant odors. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing 

Before we conclude our busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes, we thoroughly clean and sanitize your house. We use specialized equipment and safe, professional solutions in all affected areas and surfaces. 

Repair and Restoration

To finish our busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes, we complete previously identified restoration projects. The SERVPRO team also does wall reconstruction, drywall replacement, painting, and other repair and restoration tasks. Lastly, we salvage, repair, or replace personal property and decor. 

Commercial Building Restoration

SERVPRO also performs busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT commercial properties. Also, we provide the workforce, the expertise, the technology, and the equipment. We can handle any size job in any commercial facility. We arrive fast when you call, and we do the work quickly to minimize your downtime. 


We are a locally owned and operated SERVPRO franchise, and we're committed to busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT homes and businesses. When you call us, we respond immediately to perform water line leak cleanup, water damage cleanup due to leaking pipes, and other water cleanup problems. 

For more information about busted pipe cleanup in West Hartford, CT, give us a call at (860) 649-0836.

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