Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A fireplace with a brick wall, a window near ground level, fresh hardwood floors, and painted walls.

1st Floor Disaster

The homeowners were vacant from this property in Avon during the time of a recent storm. These windows were smashed by the intensity of the storm along with the fact that they were located very close to ground level. The amount of rain that entered through soaked into the floors and walls. SERVPRO of West Hartford responded as soon as the homeowners returned and found the damage that their property had taken in. After a short amount of time their living room and fireplace were back to how they remembered it, "Like it never even happened."

A top floor room with low ceilings, fresh hardwood floors, one window, one outlet.

3rd Floor Disaster

On the top floor of a multi-family apartment building in West Hartford, a simple yet strong winded storm came through the area. The one tree outside the building was whipped around during the storm and broke the window, bringing in rain and moisture that caused the live outlets to spark and create a fire. SERVPRO of West Hartford came to the seen to assess all three floors of the building. Bringing in fresh sheetrock and the necessary equipment to get the families back into their home as soon as they could.

Downed trees upon a building.

Tornadoes in Hamden CT

Three tornadoes tore through residential areas in Connecticut downing thousands of trees and powerlines, some of them landing on homes and vehicles. Many roads were impassable for days, covered with debris. 75% of Beacon Falls had lost power. There was damage was everywhere, including a 10 mile swath of destruction to Hamden CT.

Exterior shot of trees crashed on top of garage.

Trees flatten breezeway barely missing house in Hamden CT

A tornado tore through a Hamden CT neighborhood downing trees and power lines leaving thousands without power. SERVPRO was on the scene to assist this Hamden CT homeowner with tree removal after a group of trees fell onto his garage and walkway. The house sustained minor damage but the breezeway was completely flattened.  

Trees fallen on the side of the house and atop the garage. Debris of house & garage everywhere.

Storm Damages Home in Hamden CT

SERVPRO of Bloomfield / Enfield came to this devastating storm scene and performed the necessary tree removal services to help the homeowner recover from the damage that multiple tornadoes caused from tearing through Hamden and two other surrounding towns. 

Trees coming through roof of garage.

Tree Crashes Through Garage in Hamden CT

A tree came crashing through a garage in Hamden CT. SERVPRO assisted with tree removal and storm damage cleanup. The tree that crashed through this garage was a result of one of three tornadoes that tore through Hamden, CT and two other surrounding towns as well.