Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A freshly buffed blue and white checkered floor.

Keeping Clean

Our SERVPRO Floor Cleaning Services provide the full services needed to maintain your floors. With over 20 years' experience, we have the expertise and experience to maintain your floors in prime condition. With everything from regular cleaning, to scrubbing, stripping, resealing, and buffing, if you have damage to your floors we can ensure that your floors are revitalized and protected.

A nice dining room area with chandelier lights and glass door for a porch. Kitchen sink and stove partly visible

Family Displaced

A vicious fire that took over a house in East Hampton leaving the family without a home for quite some time. The homeowners and their children had to stay in a hotel out of town while the damage could be restored. With a little patience and a lot of work from our teams on the job, the family returned overjoyed with the work done to the home they’ve always had. They were grateful to see the beauty that was restored to their property.

A birds-eye-view of trees that have fallen onto a building.

Drone Footage of Tornado Damage

SERVPRO recently used professional drone footage to assess the extent of tornado damage to a Hamden CT home. Trust SERVPRO of Bloomfield / Enfield to use the latest technologies to clean up and restore your property!

Aerial shot of sewage backup that flooded a neighborhood.

Sewage backup floods neighborhood in West Hartford CT

A sewage pipe clogged in West Hartford, Connecticut. The pipe spilled raw sewage into the street and filled the basements of many homes in the neighborhood. SERVPRO was on the scene within a few hours, pumping out basements and removing damaged property. Although many homes greatly needed water damage cleanup services all at once, SERVPRO of West Hartford was able to help them all. No job is too big or too small for SERVPRO of West Hartford!

Drone Footage of Multi-Family Apartment Fire in West Hartford CT

Drone Footage of Multi-Family Apartment Fire in West Hartford CT

Dozens of people lost their homes after a fire ripped through two separate multi-family buildings in West Hartford, Connecticut.  

SERVPRO of West Hartford first responders were quickly on the scene. 

We had spent the whole night and into the next day securing the property and personal belongings from the fire and water wreckage.  

Our crews turned off the electricity and water, they boarded up the windows and doors, and removed hanging debris from the outside of the building.  

About 20 residents were displaced. Many of them looked to us to salvage what we could from their homes and personal belongings.  

Most of the 20 residents' belongings were in a pile of ash and rubble. SERVPRO of West Hartford was able to restore the condition of some of those important possessions.   

A manhole that has been labeled sanitary.

Medical Center Sewer Back Up

A local dialysis center had sewage back up into their 5,000 square foot facility. The dialysis center called a mitigation company that could not come immediately. They called us second and we were on the scene within an hour. SERVPRO of West Hartford's crew extracted all the contaminated water. We then cleaned the floor and all the furniture legs (desks, tables, chairs, etc.)--anything that had been in the muck. We power washed the floor again. And because sewage water is grossly unsanitary and may contain bacteria and viruses that could cause serious illness, we had used a strong antibacterial disinfectant. Along the way we discovered and removed a mold problem. In 10 days the work was done and the medical facility was back to 100% use.