What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

My son's power strip caught fire after he plugged one too many things in. I was oblivious to everything, in shock, until my husband had SERVPRO come and did their work. It truly was "Like it never even happened."

I was in tears seeing how much a small kitchen fire could cause, I couldn't be more grateful. God bless SERVPRO.

We had an early pre-Thanksgiving on the weekend before but things wen't terribly wrong. Our oven caught fire from the build-up of burnt food that never got cleaned this year. We couldn't thank you enough for helping us through this recovery and saving our Thanksgiving in time!

We went a little overboard for halloween, we had one too many electrical decorations in our front yard all powered by one outlet with a power strip in our garage. After it was extinguished we already knew who to call. Thank you so much!

Even the smallest fires during the holiday season can be the biggest inconvenience with smoke damage. It was going to be the first year we had the holidays with our family in our brand new house! I could not have never imagined how getting my fire and smoke damage repaired so quick and easy could be! Thank you so much! You saved us!

Top notch service crew and administration! Very happy with the work they did throughout my disaster! Fire damage is no joke and SERVPRO kept a clear channel of communication with us, our insurance company, and even the local fire department! They truly do go above and beyond, we hope this never happens again but, in any case, that may happen to either us or anyone we know or even hear about we’ll be letting them know whose hands can best take care of them through such times like these and that is SERVPRO of West Hartford!