What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I'm writing this letter to let you know how extremely helpful Jorge Bolorin has been to me. I have been very happy with my experience with all of the people from SERVPRO who have done work at my house but Jorge has gone above and beyond his job!!

On September 2nd the intake valve on the toilet broke and my bathroom and kitchen flooded. SERVPRO first tried to dry things but in the end, the floors had to be removed and there ended up being four floors to remove. The bottom floor was asbestos. I dealt with Jorge on the asbestos abatement. Anytime I had a question Jorge either answered the phone over there to help or he got right back to me if I left a message. Although his part of the job was done I've called him three or four times for help in dealing with the insurance adjuster who would not get back to me when I called or emailed him. He also helped me with the contractor who wasn't getting back to me.  Jorge gave me the name of someone I could call directly at Quincy mutual and I was able to get some help from the insurance company that I wasn't getting from the insurance adjuster.  Jorge has always tried to help me I have called even though he didn't have to do this! He was kind and caring and has been so helpful to me in this stressful situation! I will highly recommend SERVPRO to others mostly because of Jorge!! Sincerely Sandra

Water water everywhere... The words to my kid's book finally came true when she finally got big enough and filled the tub by herself. Didn't bother shutting it off either. Cute, but not in my eyes. Thank you SERVPRO.

My kid clogged the toilet! Apparently he just kept flushing and having fun until the water started coming down the hall... Thank you, I've learned as big of a lesson as my kid did!

Hands down to SERVPRO for the very fast service. The bathroom in our bedroom was flooding due to some drainage issues, and it flooded my first floor, which was very stressing for me, all of my carpet and furniture were soaking wet. I don’t know what I would do without these guys. Very reliable, and professional crews. Great job guys.

Definitely easy to work with, water damage and mold became an issue in our house. Every year only after winter one of our ceilings would leak from an ice dam most likely but we didn’t know where to turn. I had heard good things about their company from some of our friends and called. They had the right equipment, smart technicians, and saved our house from a serious mold problem. Thank you!!!

My finished basement had experienced some water damage from a failed water heater. It really was wonderful working with Brianna. She was attentive to my many calls and questions and sympathetic to my situation. She made sure my multiple calls each day were relayed to the appropriate staff member and that I got a call back in a timely manner--usually within the same day.

We had a sewer backup. The people on the crew who came out were professional and very helpful. I would recommend them to family and friends.