Recent Before & After Photos

Look out below!

One of the last things people usually decide to replace is the floors, and floors are a very common place for mold to grow whether you know it or not. Things ar... READ MORE

Workshop catches fire

This workshop caught fire due to some combustible dust catching a spark from a machine, thus igniting a fire abroad. The fire did not spread as much as it could... READ MORE

Warehouse fire

A fire struck this warehouse when some combustible dust had caught fire. The extent of this fire did considerable damage but was extinguished before it got prog... READ MORE

Cheap property, I wonder why?

After purchasing a property this customer’s first concern was tackling the mold buildup in the walls after seeing the severity of it after the property ha... READ MORE

Fading away?

This couple thought that their paint was just slowly fading away from living in an old house. But when one of their friends came over and noticed the affected a... READ MORE

Hotel Pipe-Break

After a Nor’easter hit CT, a local hotel in West Hartford experienced a massive pipe break in their sprinkler system. The amount of water that poured into... READ MORE

You never know..

Not long after a couple moved into the new apartment they finally spotted, loved, and got approved for, the couple decided to take down the wallpaper so that th... READ MORE

Trinity Community Church

This community church located in Hartford CT suffered significant water damage in the lower levels of their building where all of the storage, classrooms, and e... READ MORE

Goodwin Hotel

Goodwin is one of Hartford's most popular hotels which is located directly next door to the Hartford XL center where an array of events occur. A pipe burst on ... READ MORE

Hartford Hospital

After a major pipe burst in one of Hartford Hospital's main office buildings, water began to plunge downwards to the receding levels affecting many offices, pat... READ MORE