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Commercial Testimonials

With COVID-19 hitting the city hard, many people were rushing to the stores to hoard all the essentials, making it hard for the rest of us to survive. Even if you know the delivery schedules, you risk your life by going into stores filled with people anyways. I run a small business in my home and need to keep it safe, so I called SERVPRO of West Hartford to do a cleaning and ensure my place is safe to be open and operating. Business has slowed down, but I’m thankful to be open at all, thanks to SERVPRO! 

The nearby COVID case caused quite a scare. The state had to come in and inspect all the local businesses, resulting in many having to close. My sister’s place of work had to close, so she reached out to a neighboring store to ask how they opened back up so fast. It turns out they hired SERVPRO to do a deep cleaning, so my sister had her place of work do this same thing. This saved the business and kept my sister from losing her job. We’ll be recommending SERVPRO to all the other businesses that didn't pass the initial inspections. You're the best, SERVPRO!

The shutdowns that were about to happen because of the pandemic had us worried about our family business. We called SERVPRO of West Hartford to do a deep clean of the place before the state inspectors came around. The place was sparkling when the SERVPRO crew finished, and the inspectors had no issues with our building. We were able to stay in business, and I wanted to give SERVPRO credit for that.

When it was announced that schools were to open back up, we were thrilled. However, we were unsure about how to keep our facilities safe and clean for students. Luckily, we made the decision to call up SERVPRO, and they were able to come in to clean and sanitize our facilities. We no longer are worried about being able to assure parents that their kids will be safe upon returning, and the place is sparkling, all thanks to SERVPRO of West Hartford.

This company expressed just as much if not more urgency than I did about getting my employees back to work so we can all take care of our families. Thank you so much!

SERVPRO saved my company! Thank you so much!

After a bathroom malfunction causing a massive flood I had no idea where to turn! But, after my experience with SERVPRO of West Hartford's team I know exactly who I am going to work with for any future disasters. Thank you.

Before the new year started we wanted a full office clean, floors to ceilings. Looks brand new again! Myself and the team are excited to start the new year now. Thanks.

After an office move many of my employees started to notice they were coughing a lot, but only at work. We knew it couldn't be dry air yet with winter a ways away. So SERVPRO came in and did an inspection, found the mold that was growing, and had it taken care of in the matter of a few days. Thank you, you've saved my business but more importantly the health and well-being of my employees!

What a great crew. They did a fantastic job. Thank you very much.